Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review of Time 4 Learning

Time 4 Learning provides online language arts and math instruction to children in grades Pre K to 8, using a combination of animated lessons, interactive activities, online games and worksheets to reinforce the concepts learned. Families pay a monthly subscription fee for each child in the program. Science and social studies are included in most grades at no additional charge.

The program operates on the premise that kids love to use the computer. It seeks to allow children to learn important technological skills, while progressing through core subjects at their own pace. The company makes it easy to keep records because it tracks children’s progress. It has been used successfully by homeschooling families as either a main curriculum or as a to supplement to an existing program.

My boys loved using the Time 4 Learning program. It was easy for them to use on their own. It took us a bit to get our grade levels correct, but after that it was smooth sailing! I think it's a great program to use as a review of what they have already learned and it fills in those "gaps" that maybe we missed along the way in our homeschooling journey.

I also used it as a way to get them to do "school" on the weekends. If they wanted to play on the computer, well they had to do so many lessons on Time 4 Learning first. No complaints!!! : ) The boys really enjoy using the computer to complete lessons. 

I am seriously considering using Time 4 Learning as our main curriculum next year. This year ... since it's close to the end of our school year ... it's just something extra. If they would add in typing lessons it would be near perfect.