About Us

Welcome to our blog! We're glad you stopped by and hope you find your stay enjoyable.

Let me introduce you to the Main Characters …

The Parents:

Angie - that's me! I'm the oldest of 3 children (2 younger brothers), a mom of 4 (and yes they are all boys), and a wife (to a very lucky man)J. I have Christian Conservative views. I enjoy being a stay at home mom, spending time with my family, and teaching my boys to become future men … without all the interference of the public school system, which certainly doesn’t hold to the same values as our family does.  My interests vary greatly in music and movies. I love finding movies that aren’t on the hokey side to watch with the whole family (they are few & far between). I love to read! I enjoy being outside for reasons other than yard work.

Mike – that’s the husband/dad of the house. He is also the oldest of 3 children (2 younger brothers), dad to our youngest 2 (all my children are from previous marriage, but Mike is the only father figure the 2 youngest have ever known and he loves them with all his heart), husband (he’s a very lucky man)J. He has Christian Conservative views and really is the reason we started going to church regularly. He works as a department manager at one of our local Wal-marts, which has its ups and downs. It’s a very stressful job, but being a department manager means he works Monday through Friday so his evenings and weekends are free for family.

The Kids:

Zach – first born son. He’s an April baby. Zach is 19, looking for a job (but hasn’t had good luck at that just yet), he’s shy around new people, his favorite thing right now is to play a game called Skyrim (?) on the Xbox. He’s a great son, but lacks confidence with new things. Once he finds something he finds he really does like, he sticks with it and becomes good at it though. He's very helpful around the house ... always happy to do something if you ask.

Nick – second born son. He’s a July baby. Nick is 18, going to our local community college for nursing, working at Wal-mart as a cashier part time. He’s very outgoing. Loves meeting new people, trying and doing new things. Is a big kid at heart. Is addicted to skyping with friends on the internet. Other than being a little immature in a few areas (it’s a July baby trait that I’ve found pretty much applies to most July children), I’m not too worried about him making his way in this world.

Walter – third born son. He’s an April baby. Walter is 10. He enjoys playing games on the Xbox, bossing everyone around that he can, chopping wood (as long as it’s his choice to do so), playing with toy guns, eating in his room (when he knows it’s not allowed), and sneaking into our bed at night. He’s really bright and catches on quick to new things in our school, but likes to complain about school. I guess that’s just a kid thing!?!

Sammy – fourth born son. He’s a July baby. Sammy is 9. He enjoys building with legos (gets super excited when new Lego magazines come in the mail), doing his “art” (which right now means drawing and coloring Pokemon characters and Sonic – the boy LOVES anything Sonic), playing with toy guns, getting up all through the night for a “drink”, and saying “Dr. Octagonapus … Blah”. You’ll have to google that one. J  He likes to not read … I don’t know what it is about reading, but we are really struggling with this area. He also joins in with his brother in complaining about school. J

Other Characters You’ll Come Across:

Nana – my mom. Nana is very prominent in the lives of our children. She just lives up the hill from us, but it’s wooded so we have to drive to her house. Nana likes to say the kids just use her. If I drop them off at her house she barely sees them cause they are running around the neighborhood playing with the other kids. With Nana you can always get food (Walter seems to have a bottomless pit for a stomach lately), she always has something cool you want to check out at her house, and she lets you do all the stuff mom won’t!

Pawpaw – my dad. Pawpaw is greatly loved! Of course being the most fun pretty much guaranteed him the top position among the children. Who doesn’t love spending time with a Pawpaw that hunts, fishes, has animals, can fool you into thinking crackers are cookies, likes getting just as dirty as you do, and has a dump truck and loader!?!?! Pawpaw is awesome cool J

Uncle Alex – my brother. Alex has Pokemon cards … nuff said! LoL J