Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The ABC's of Christmas

A couple of ABC poems that I liked and will be having the boys use as copywork this month. Thought I would share them with you.


The ABC's of Christmas

A is for the Angel who sang, "Peace on Earth",

B is for the bells that rang out the Baby's birth.

C is for the Christmas candle, lighting up the night,

D is for the drum that makes one boy's Christmas bright.

E is for the Eve when we're all excited!

F is for the fun when the tree is finally lighted!

G is for the gifts Santa leaves on that special night,

H is for the holly with pointed leaves and berries bright.

I is for the icing on our Christmas cake so tall,

J is for Jesus, the reason for it all.

K is for the kindness shown without reason,

L is for the Lights of the Season.

M is for the Manger bed for Jesus at His birth,

N is for Noel we all sing on earth.

O is for the oxen, the first to adore Him,

P is for the Presents the Wise Men lay before Him.

Q is for the quiet night, with hardly a beat,

R is for the reindeer with speedy tireless feet.

S is for Santa bringing Christmas Joy,

T is for the lighted tree, to amaze each girl and boy.

U is for Us--all the family,

V is for visitors stopping by for tea.

W is for the wreath hanging on the door,

X is for the X-tra special feeling Christmas brings and more.

Y is for Your Christmas joys, may they be bright,

Z is for the animal zoo at His feet that night.

A to Z, all the alphabet you see!

Merry Christmas to all, wherever you be!

~Donna O'Briant~

ABC Christmas

A is for Angel on top of the tree

B is for Baby asleep on the hay

C is for Candy Canes to stir my hot cocoa

D is for Dreams on a soft pillow

E is for Eggnog my mom won’t let me drink

F is for Family far, far away

G is for Gingerbread house so pretty to make

H is for Hope of a new treasured toy

I is for Icicle lights on everyone’s house

J is for Jingle bells tied on my shoes

K is for the Kitchen that always smells great

L is for List of the gifts that I need

M is for Money to spend on a friend

N is for Nose that runs in the cold

O is for the Only thought of you on my mind

P is for Post Office I’m so thankful for

Q is for the Quest to find the right gift

R is for Roses in bloom in December

S is for the Sleigh that drives us through town

T is for Token of my love for you

U is for Unwanted junk that we buy

V is for Village as small as can be

W is for Wings, when a bell rings

X is for Xmas a short way to spell Christmas

Y is for Yawns cause it’s getting late

Z is for the Zzz’s we don’t get on Christmas Eve

-- Submitted by The Mama Nov 2000

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  1. Great poems! Thank you for sharing them.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog also.
    BTW I just love your template. It is too cute!