Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Time for a REAL blog!

Why did I start this blog?  I started it because of all the contests out there wanted you to "blog" about their giveaway ... and so I did.  Really that was my only reason for blogging.

Oh I made a few attempts at putting up actual posts about something the kids had done or something we did as a family, but was never serious about it.

I now find myself with some actual time that I can spend on a blog ... and I've been thinking I would really like to put up what my boys are doing for school ... maybe seeing themselves online would encourage them to do more ... try harder???  We will see. 

I do know they'll like seeing themselves.  I've been snapping pictures like crazy while they've been working on their projects this week & they like that (little hams!).  Might be because they are enjoying what we are doing this week too! LoL  We are doing China for geography, the Cherokee for history, Plants for science, learning more cursive letters, and of course the dreaded math!  I wanted to try to throw in a bit about Daniel Boone, but we may have to wait until after vacation to do that one.

I hope to have a post up about our week on Monday or Tuesday.  Right now this is a lot of work for me because I'm not used to it.  I'll have to get the hang of posting, adding pictures, and telling about our days. I've spent this past weekend looking at blog templates.  I haven't really found anything I really like yet.  A lot of them are either too girly for my tastes (I have all boys & tend to like things geared towards the boy side - besides my boys don't want to see themselves on a pink blog!) or they are too public schoolish or just plain ugly ... like everyone of the blogger templates you can choose from are just ugly ... I'm so not happy with what they have to offer! 

I did find a couple, but they simply don't look right when I try to add them.

Ah well ... I'm sure I'll find something eventually. :)

Well that's it for now.

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