Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our Expedition to China

We are using Confessions of a Homeschooler's Expediton Earth: A Journey Through God's World as the core to our geography curriculum.  I say core because with some of the countries that we will be exploring we'll add to it.

That what I did with our visit to China. You're meant to spend a week on each county, but with China we spent 2 weeks.  I added in aspects of Amanda Bennett's Expediton China DNG unit, an Evan Moor book on China, printables from around the web, and books from the library.

We started off by filling out our passports, adding our China flag sticker, and stamping the date that we started. Then we located China on our world map and learned how to say hello in Mandarin Chinese.  This is a picture of the boys writing hello in traditional Chinese writing.

Some things we learned: 
  • China's capital city Beijing
  • Population
  • Language
  • Religion
  • Currency
  • Government
  • Inventions
  • Great Wall of China
  • Terracotta Warriors
  • Silk
  • Holidays/Traditions
  • Animals
  • Geographical Features
The boys liked learning about the animals and putting them up on our Animals of the World Classification wall chart (I'll get a picture of it next time ... I thought I had one in this bunch but must have forgotten it).

I think the best thing for them was the Great Wall of China craft we did.

These are pictures over several days.  No way we completed all that in a day! :)  We used floral moss for our greenery ($2 @ Walmart) ... that stuff is messy and dirty ... be warned!!! :)

Walter loved playing with the blocks between buildings on the wall!

Here are pictures I got of the boys while doing their China study:

Working on worksheets.

Chinese Lanterns for when we talked about the Lantern Festival. 

Animal book. 

Chinese Fan Craft 

Binder with lapbook components in it. 

Sammy & Walter with their Expedition Earth Binders 

Well that's it for Our China Expedition.  Hope you enjoyed seeing what our boys did.  We had grand ole time with this study!

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