Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Expedition to South Korea

Annyong hase-yo! Hello from South Korea! We are having a good time with our geography study this year. The boys and I are learning so much. We're only 2 countries in (well plus the continents and oceans study we did) but we're enjoying it ... and that does make a difference! : )

I don't have as many pictures as I wanted of our week ... the camera needed batteries & we just didn't get any until our study was all but finished. So I took pictures of the completed project. This is something the boys are enjoying too. They love posing for pictures and help me decide which pictures end up on the blog.

So what did we do this week? Find out below:

  • First we reviewed things we learned about China
  • Added the South Korea flag to our passports and stamped the date we started
  • Located the country on the world map
  • Completed the Mapping Activity - which also teaches us the capital city, population, major religion, language, currency, and what kind of government they have
  • Learned how to say hello in Korean - Wow! This is a hard one for sure!
  • Painted hello on paper in Korean characters
  • Read fun facts about the country - the boys' favorite fact was that in South Korea #4 is the unlucky number ... it's like the #13 in the US
  • Learned about the flag and completed the activity for it
  • Completed the Animals mini-book - that's 6 more animals for our Classification Wall
  • Prayed for the people of South Korea
  • Completed the lapbook activity
  • Completed the binder & stamped the passports with our finish date

Here are a few pictures of the finished work.

After finishing the work we made a Koren dinner. After looking at all the different dishes out there we decided to go with the Korean BBQ Beef dinner that was included with the study. It was really very good & everyone, except Walter, liked it ... even Nick (who doesn't like to try new foods!). Sammy really loved it cause we had rice with it ... that boy likes his rice!!! : )

Here is how our dinner turned out. We served it with rice, peas, and bread.

Well I hope you enjoyed learning about our South Korea study. Hope you'll come back & see our next adventure!


  1. Hey...Looks like a lot of fun stuff there boys. I hope you thanked your Mom for all her efforts in making this an enjoyable experience....Great job Angie and hats off to the boys as well....Looks like they're doing some fine work there...especially that dinner...(:
    Miss Karen Halcombe

  2. I Love the Pictures of my Boys :)

  3. Are they going to learn any thing about Germany and Lithuania ??? That is part of their own Blood line .. Love them smart boys !!! Nana :)