Monday, November 14, 2011

Volcano & Wacky Mud Science

Lowe's Build and Grow Free Kids' Clinics are AWESOME!!! Walter and Sammy love going to these clinics. Sometimes the things are a little to "babish" for my boys, but most times they get to make a cool little project.

This past Saturday they built a Science Lab.

It's just a little wooden frame with a couple of test tubes, a dish, and some experiment cards, but the boys had a fun time with the couple of experiments they've done so far.

After building it we headed over to Walmart to pick up the supplies we didn't have at home to complete the experiments they wanted to do. Our first one was the volcano:

They just now realized that this is what Mom uses to clean out the drains in the house ... well minus the cherry Jello!

Next up was Wacky Mud ... this stuff is messy!

As you can see this was the best one though :)  What boy doesn't love anything that is pretty yucky??? LoL

It was fun trying to figure out if it was a solid or liquid though. After mixing it up you could tap the top of it and it really felt solid ... but try picking that stuff up! It oozed right out of your hands!

This was a fun time with my boys! This is one of the reasons I love Lowe's :)


  1. only 2 pictures came up .. You talking your mom or you as a mom putting the vinegar and baking soda in the drains ? :) Am thinking you was talking about me What was the wacky mud about ? what is it ? make walt and sam write me a email about it and what was used ... Cherry Jello ?? Oh MY that sounds sticky :) Love to all Mom (Nana)

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