Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas is for the Birds!

The birds in our yard that is! : ) 

During cold/winter months we like to feed the birds at our house. Normally that means seeds in the bird feeders ... but during the Christmas season we like to give our birdies a little treat.

The boys ... with some help from Uncle Alex and their big brother Zach ... strung up some popcorn, cranberries, fruit loop like cereal, and cherrio like cereal for our birds.

We started off with a needle and thread ... knotted at one end so the food doesn't fall off. : ) Then sat out the food stuffs for our chains ... boy you can tell where I shop can't you??? LoL

We started our chains with popcorn ... those Fruit Spins & Whole Grain Oat cereals would fall off even with a knot if the popcorn wasn't there to hold it on. Unless you tied the thread around a Fruit Spin like Uncle Alex did with his.

It seems I have to add pictures 1 at a time now ... apparently google has changed how picasa works and I can't even get to my albums yet ... great another thing to figure out cause google thinks they are so great ... blah!



Uncle Alex apparently got tired of stringing though ... he left before his chain was finished and Zach finished that one up. Then here are the boys with their finished strings of birdie food.

We wanted to be able to look out and see the birds feeding, so we put the finished chains on my Butterfly Bush that is out in front of the house. Here are the boys hanging their chains.


A fun time was had by all! Snacking was a BIG part of our stringing too! : ) We ended up with 7 food chains in all. I should've taken a picture of that, but we were all tired afterwards & just wanted to hang them up and observe! : ) 

We took the leftovers (the ceral & popcorn that was dropped on the floor; cranberries that nobody wanted to eat after trying just 1) and dumped them about the base of the bush.

We've enjoyed watching the birds the past few days too.

Merry Christmas to you all ... and if you have time ... put a little something out for your yardland creatures too!

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