Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blogs Are Hard and Legos All Around

Who would have thought blogging would be hard???

Ok, so the blogging part isn't hard. It's finding a layout and figuring out how I want it to look that's hard. : )

I'm loving the new one, but there are features missing that I want in it. The colors are very nice and it's clean looking ... so that makes stuff easy to find on it ... for me anyhow ; )  But it's still not right and it bother's me.  Like I don't have enough to do already, I have to worry about this blog.

Maybe I should just have Mike make me one. That would give him something to do and he likes helping me out with things like this. Then I wouldn't have to read up on all the html and css stuff! Personally I like to point and click, drag and drop, type and enter! I'll leave the hard stuff up to my husband. : ) 

The boys are enjoying this blog. Sammy has been snagging the camera every chance he gets and taking pictures of his Lego creations. His pictures are below. I promised him that I would add them here for everyone to see. Comments are very welcome ; ) 

Well I reckon that's it for now. : )

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