Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

... is over! : ) 

I'm sore from all the walking during trick or treat times. Everyone had a great time though ... that's what really counts. Making memories with the family ... what could be better???

Our town also had their Homecoming ... ya know I'm not really sure what homecoming is all about. We've only had it for the past few years too. Who knows???

Anyhow they have a parade & the boys enjoy going to parades! We also took Nana & the neighbor kid along. They like the candy the best : )

After the parade we went to the city park. They had activities for the kids and Llamas! LoL They were thrilled over the llamas and the rock climbing wall.

After a full day out and about doing all that we came home and carved pumpkins:

Then it was time to dress up & go beg for candy ...

We also trick or treated our Wal*mart & a couple streets in the next town since we were at Wal*mart anyhow.

I'm super sore tonight & don't know if I'll make it to co-op tomorrow! The boys would have a problem with not going to co-op though ... so I better get to bed so I can run them over tomorrow morning. Can't disappoint my little ones especially when they want to do "school" work! : )

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